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Good and Bad News

It was a day of mixed news…..lets do the bad news first.  I submitted my painting “Stuck in Neutral” to the American Watercolor Society for acceptance into the art exhibition this year.  In order to be a signature member, I need to be juried into their show twice.  Today, came the unhappy news that my painting was “rejected”.

My Painting Submitted to American Watercolor Society.

My Painting Submitted to the American Watercolor Society.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t as devastated as I thought I would be.  You see, I am taking a workshop with John Salminen, who’s art I greatly admire. http://www.johnsalminen.com/index.jsp   He has actually won the first place award for the American Watercolor Society exhibition twice.  The salve for the wound to my pride was when John announced during the workshop, that he also received his rejection from the American Watercolor Society today.  In that case, I am in good company.

Now for the good news!  In the same afternoon, I also received an email from the Florida Watercolor Society, that my painting “This Little Piggy” was accepted into their online exhibition.  That also helped take the sting our of my American Watercolor Society rejection!  I guess you must take the bitter with the sweet.

Accepted into the Florida Watercolor Society Online Exhbition

Accepted into the Florida Watercolor Society Online Exhbition

Life goes on, paintings will continue to happen, and there is always next year . . . so look out AWS, because I have an entire year to prepare my next art entry.

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New Artists Art Exhibition at the Quayside Gallery

With the Holidays on us, I have been lazy in painting and producing art.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been painting, but it has been commissioned work, and my Christmas card, everything except, the paintings I need to complete for the new members show coming in January.

Where does the time go?  I thought, mistakenly, that I had plenty of time to get one painting completed and three paintings matted and framed.  Then, by chance, I happened to look at the calendar.  Yikes…to my horror, I realized I only have 10 measly days left in which to complete everything.  Painting . . . . matting . . . . ordering frames and glass . . . . framing, the “to-do” list seems to grow bigger and bigger.  But, never fear – this Artist works best under tremendous amounts of pressure and stress.  In fact, I work best under less than calming circumstances, and after all, I created this mini-crisis, did I not?

New in the Q 2014 New Members Art Show

Lots of hard work has gone into creating what is going to be a wonderful art show at the Quayside Gallery.  The Artists’ exhibition is to showcase the work of the 12 new artists that were accepted into the Quayside in 2013.  Our opening reception will be January 10, 2014 from 5:00 – 8:00 and everyone is invited to come out.  There will be wine, white sangrias, yummy food, and yes – of course, Fantastic Art.    I will be giving away a token of my appreciation, so don’t miss out.  Come out and join me and the other new artists on January 10 at the Quayside Gallery, Pensacola FL and drink in some beautiful art.