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Christmas Cherries Acrylic Painting Complete

Woot – Woot…..the acrylic painting of the Cherry Blossoms is completed.  In case you can’t tell, I am super excited to have finished this commissioned piece as promised by today.  That means the client can give this beautiful piece of art to his wife/girlfriend as a Christmas present.  I will say it again, there is nothing like giving original art as a gift.

I thought people might be interested in seeing the processes . . . .

Step 1:  I needed to make a mini painting of the work, to show the client and get his approval.  Obviously, this is not a triptych, but he basically needed to get an idea of what colors I would use and the layout of the painting.

Acrylic Sample Art Painting

Acrylic cherry blossom triptych painting sample.

Step 2:  With the mini sample painting approved, it was time to move on to the real painting.  First, I applied layers of brown, gray, black and white acrylic paint and put in my background.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint layered for background.

Step 3:  After the first layer of paint is dry, it is now time to complete the background.  The client wanted something more modern than the traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom Painting, which is typically done on a light blue, or pinkish/orange background.  I added quick strokes of brighter, earth tone acrylics to give movement to the painting.

Strokes Earth Tone Acrylic Background

Quick strokes of earth tone  acrylics completes the background.

Step 4: With the background completed it is time to put in the branch of the cherry blossom tree.  Once the branch is put down then I painted in highlights in gray and white acrylic.

Acrylic branch painted

Painted in the cherry blossom branch in black, gray and brown acrylic paint.

Step 5:  With the tree branch painted in, next, using a large paint brush, I spattered in different shades of pink to indicate the profusion of Cherry Blossoms showering out from the tree branch.

Spatter Acrylic Painting

Using a large brush, I spattered the Cherry Blossoms into the painting.

Step 6:  With minor tweaking I completed this triptych acrylic cherry blossom art painting.  Job Done.

Triptych Acrylic Cherry Blossom Painting

The completed triptych acrylic painting of cherry blossoms.  “Christmas Cherries”

Hoping “Christmas Cherries” adds lots of sparkle and happiness to someone’s Christmas.







Painting Commission for Christmas

Hard at work painting, today on a commission of  Cherry Blossoms done as an Acrylic Triptych painting.  There is nothing nicer than giving original art as a Christmas gift, don’t you think?  Anyway, I am excited to have gotten this commission for a painting!  The client walked into the gallery on Thursday looking for a specific piece of art.  He wanted a cherry blossom – the traditional paintings you see all the time done on three, four or even five panels.  He would like three – a triptych.

Acrylic Cherry Blossom Triptych Painting Sample

Acrylic Cherry Blossom  Painting Sample

Well, given that we are in Pensacola, there was nothing even close in the gallery.  He asked if I could do a painting like this in time for Christmas…. my answer, “of course I can!”  Unfortunately, I was out of town over the weekend in Atlanta, for a funeral,  so this morning was a real push to produce two painting samples and then meet the client downtown at 2:00.  But, it is done.  I am now waiting for his final approval on color selection, and tomorrow after working at the gallery, I will be painting, painting, painting.  The plan is to be finished by Friday –


Artists and Creatives – Pen Women of Pensacola Christmas Luncheon

This Artist made her way, to Dharma Blue Cafe, on a windy, blustery day for PEN Women  Pensacola Chapter Christmas Luncheon.  I had never been to the Dharma Blue Cafe, which I must say was a lovely venue for the lunch.  For inquiring minds, I had the quiche which was excellent, but all the food looked delish.

The presentation was on creating Poetry, which I must confess is not my forte – I am a visual Artist and sadly not an Artist of words.  But, it was interesting none-the-less.  I think you can always learn something.  The afternoon was filled was laughter, good food and sharing.  However, the sharing went a little too far, when the lady across from me ordered a yummy looking mimosa and decided to share it with me when she knocked over the glass and it promptly ran across the table into my lap. . . . not so pleasant.

Christmas Luncheon at Dharma Blue for Artists of PEN Women of Pensacola

Christmas Luncheon at Dharma Blue for Artists of PEN Women of Pensacola

Unfortunately, I had my brand spanking new hand painted silk scarf on which got several splashes of Mimosa also and as we all know Mimosa and silk don’t mix.  Any suggestions on how to get the spots out?

All-in-all it was a wonderfully delightful afternoon spent with fellow Artists and Creatives.

Christmas Celebration at the Quayside Gallery

It’s definitely that time of the season  . . . . the smell of pine is in the air, the sparkle of Christmas lights light up the night, and the sound of merry making can be heard at various holiday celebrations.  Tonight, in honor of Christmas, the Quayside Gallery had it’s Holiday Party.

Three artists celebrating Christmas at the Quayside Gallery

Three artists celebrating Christmas at the Quayside Gallery

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Honor of Distinction

I am excited to announce that my painting “This Little Piggy” received a
Honor of Distinction award at the Pensacola Interstate Fair.
The paintings and art work at the fair are incredible!  I am not sure
how the Juror was able to pick, I would have surely struggled.  It is a
well rounded show.  If you haven’t gone to see it, it is definitely
worth the trip.  Don’t forget to vote for the “People’s Choice Award”.