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Pensacola Interstate Fair Art Show

The Pig Painting is my favorite.  .  . I just happen to have a natural
affinity for pigs!  This painting came about because of an abstract
workshop I participated in.  At the end of the five day class, I had
produced absolutely nothing, and so I did a quick sketch and acrylic
painting of a pig.  I was happy with him, and pinned the thrown together
painting on the wall of my studio.  Well, 3 months later, I decided to
really work this painting up – the end result is “This Little Piggy” –
in honor of the pig I had Barbie Q.

Now, I am hoping and praying that my frames and mat are ready, so I can
get these completed and entered into the Pensacola Interstate Fair!
Nothing like waiting until the last minute

This Little Piggy

Pensacola Interstate Fair Art Show

I recently read an article that suggested aspiring artists should enter
into exhibitions, contests and shows.  The gain is more than winning a
prize, it is about getting exposure to many people and if you win a
prize, well that’s the icing on the cake.
Finally, I managed to get my two entries completed, the first is a
rework of “Friends” – this time I poured my paints.  Be forewarned, it
is lots of fun to paint this way, but it is super messy. . . . the big
blue stain I now have on my carpet attests to that.Friends